Handmade Lotion

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Karma Mist is made by hand and because of its unique nature, is sprayed onto the body, rather than squirted and smeared on the body, in the manner of traditional moisturizers. This unlike any other moisturizer on the market and while it may be revolutionary, it is by no means new. Karma Mist is made from a recipe that has been handed down from generation to generation. When deciding what moisturizer would be best for you. You must first ask yourself, which moisturizer will be best for my body? Karma Mist actually resembles the natural fluids that course throughout our bodies. There is nothing about traditional moisturizers that look remotely like anything we would find in our bodies. The reason Karma Mist works so well, is because it works in harmony with our body, creating the synergy that is Karma Mist.

All Natural