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Ayurveda Skin Care

Karma Mist is an ancient ayurvedic skin care and moisturizing remedy from India. This is a skin treatment that has been passed down through our family for generations. Karma Mist operates on the principal of balance and harmony between our body and the world through which we move. Conventional lotions work to forge a barrier between our skin and the air around us. But Karma Mist literally draws moisture from the air. Because the environment can be our ally instead of our enemy.

A Drink for Your Skin

Karma Mist is like no lotion you’ve experienced before. Instead of a paste, cream, or gel, Karma Mist is a liquid that is sprayed onto the skin—just like dew on a flower petal. And after just one use, your skin will feel more supple and moist, be healthier, and look years younger. Give your skin a drink with Karma Mist, and bring your mind and body into balance while doing it. Happy skin, happy body, happy mind.

Aromatherapy from the Ancients

While healing your dry skin, you can also balance your spirit. When you use Karma Mist body moisturizing spray, you benefit from the wisdom of ancient Indian seers who discovered the principles of inner and outer balance known as Ayurveda. With three heady aromatherapies to choose from—lavender for calming, rose for grounding and warming, and sandalwood for lifting your mood—you can breathe yourself to greater harmony within and without.

A Harmonious Mission

Taking Action

Karma Mist is a company that takes this concept of harmony very seriously—not only concerning mind and body, but also the world in which we live. We believe it is our responsibility to live in peace and harmony with one another. To do this, we need to not just believe it philosophically but also take conscious action.

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